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- TheEngineer - 04-11-2011

Not had this one before, not surprising since its over 100 GBP. This is nuts! A blend of Whiskey's from mixure of French wine casks, Madeira drums, Sherry butts, Marsala barrels, Port pipes and Bourbon barrels from Kentucky. Tones of stuff going fact too much for me. I drink my scotches to relax...this one will make you think all night.

RE: Dalmore King Alexander III - TheEngineer - 04-09-2013

I wonder if time will mellow this one out though scotch is not suppose to change once in bottle. It's nice but like I said before, everything is going on as well so it lacks a bit of focus. the favors just roll through you layers at a time so again it makes me think more than it make me relax

RE: Dalmore King Alexander III - Kcwhippet - 04-09-2013

Jealous right now.

RE: Dalmore King Alexander III - winoweenie - 04-09-2013

Sound like you've not assuage your problems but like you've fostered a daughter to keep you centered and looking for an escape. Why jack around whenced you can get the Highland Park 18 or 24 and be comforted like in the arms of Mommy???? I know you like to venture...The wiener likes to know where hims zone hits 100 pernts. WW

RE: Dalmore King Alexander III - Kcwhippet - 04-09-2013

The Eng came in and bought a goodly amount of the Laddie 10. I'm thinking it's his daily dram. The other is for a special taste. Oh, if I could try ANYTHING right now. Have to wait til the stone is gone.

RE: Dalmore King Alexander III - TheEngineer - 04-11-2013

Right you are KC Smile . It's a heck of a nightly dram too! I've got one in my hands right now. I'm working on a large proposal. It's frankly not helping Smile

Looking forward to getting you back in the normal swing of things KC!