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- TheEngineer - 04-03-2011

It's been a while since I've been over to Knightsbridge area...I'm not sure why....It's not like it's far away, but frankly the old Harrod's wine shop was less than attractive. I mean nice bottles but tight spaces and limited selections for the less than millionaires in us.

I know it was renovated since about Christmas of last year. Wow what a change. So much more space, so much more choices, so much much better! They took over the pharmacy area and almost the entire basement area is now used for wine (the old tapas restaurant area is still there.

Much better by country selection with a nice cross section between great expensive bottles to great more mid level (say 40-60 GBP). Nothing is really cheap except for some private label stuff. Modern airy feeling.

Lots of large formats and loads of the right names. The only area that I find very very short is Germany. Short on names and selection. Also not much to the other less known areas such as Greece, Cyprus, etc,.. and the US selection is very limited to just the very high end products (Scarecrow was listed for 800 GBP!!!)

Nice staff, good knowledge. I will definitely return.

- winoweenie - 04-05-2011

My mother-in-law, rest her soul. loved that store. She brought me love and I both a cap from there. Not being much of a hat person I promptly left mine summers' the 1st week. CB still wears hers. WW