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- andrawes76 - 07-04-2010

Curious to know if this thread needs to be kept up since its not been updated for years?

Please let me know!

Cheers, Alex

- hotwine - 07-04-2010

It's been kept on the board for sentimental reasons since Jerry Mead's untimely passing at 61 in 2000. Jerry was one of the instigators behind the board. I never met him, and he was gone within a few months of my joining in June 1999, but have respected his writing and opinions regarding the wine business (and political attempts to control it). He was known as the Curmudgeon (or "Curmy") for his zero tolerance of pretentiousness. He was one of the Good Guys.

- Innkeeper - 07-04-2010

I wouldn't call six months years.

- hotwine - 07-04-2010


- Innkeeper - 07-05-2010

PW said the thread hasn'nt been updated in years, and KC updated it in January 2010.

- hotwine - 07-05-2010

Ah! True, true. As WW says, the memory's the second thing to go (forgot what's supposed to be the first).

- winoweenie - 07-05-2010

As Jerry was a close friend and also the only reason I got involved in this writing stuff I'm on the side unless your short of computer storage space of keeping this thread alive and well. WW

- Thomas - 07-05-2010

Jeff Seigel, in Texas, I think, now goes by the handle: the Wine Curmudgeon.

The first time I saw it online, I immediately gravitated to it, thinking it would be an old piece of writing from the original curmudgeon.

Maybe the time has come to retire "Jerry's Kids." Those of us who remember him will not forget him and those who didn't know him aren't likely to gain anything from the thread these days.

I do remember waiting for the Wine Trader delivery, wondering what adversarial gem he would have in the next issue.

- Kcwhippet - 07-05-2010

Went to Siegel's web site, he's no Wine Curmudgeon. I miss Jerry - we can't retire him - he still lives as long as anyone calls a pink wine a blush wine if for no other reason. There are many other reasons, but I just picked one from about 35 years ago.

- winoweenie - 07-05-2010

I have no idea who the blue-blazes Jeff Seigal is but intend to call his hand on using the handle of one of the best palates I've ever encountered. WW

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- VouvrayHead - 07-05-2010

WW: Can I be the wine cheerleader?

- winoweenie - 07-06-2010

You Betcha' Red Rider!!! ww

- winoweenie - 07-06-2010

Well it seems the Curmy imposter is hard to reach. I tried E-ing him on his post and also individually to his posted E address and they both cam back as undeliverable.Hard to yank a chain when it's attached to a puff of smoke. WW