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- jkmfromla - 11-17-1999

Decided to start drinking wine because drinking diet cokes at company/social functions makes me look a little immature. Never really liked wine, but had a glass at L'Orangerie in LA that changed my mind. What's a good way to figure out what you like without spending a fortune tasting bottle after bottle?

- Bucko - 11-17-1999

Simple, hook up with local wine shops, go to tastings, and drink, drink, drink -- dirty job...... Your palate will change over time as well, so keep up the tastings.


- Randy Caparoso - 11-17-1999

1. Everytime you go somewhere, try something you've never tried before. Be adventurous!

2. Shop in specialty wine shops, where you're likely to find things from $5 to $500 and up -- almost any price range you like -- but where you can always get good, sound advisory. Again, ask about something new!

3. If you're in a restaurant, ask your server or friendly neighborhood bartender for the complete list of wines by the glass. Again, look for new stuff. Ask about it. They can usually tell you the positive things to look for in the wines they offer. Develop a diversity of taste.

4. Getting there is most of the fun. Enjoy!

- Thomas - 11-18-1999

One more thing: get into the habit of writing down what you liked at a tasting. You'd be surprised how memory fails the next day.

- Innkeeper - 11-19-1999

You have recieved excellent advice Newbie. Really expected the usual stuff about starting with sweet whites and moving to white zins, etc. It really doesn't matter where you start, so long as you keep track of where you are as advised above. Mrs Innkeeper starting drinking wine shortly after we were married well back in the current millenium. We were living in France at the time, so she cut her teeth on St Emilion; albeit bourgeois crus, and not the top stuff. Never-the-less to this day she uses that reference point to judge wines. She happiliy tells other newbies that there is no "proper" place to start.

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