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- txkajun - 02-03-2002

One of the reasons I love the internet so much is because I love to research things. I will spend lots of time researching something that interests me. I actually spent over two hours researching the proper care of a betta fish before buying one. (ok, so I'm a bit anal too!)

So know that I don't just ask questions because I am too lazy to check for myself.

Upon discovering that I loved the first taste of Riesling, and seeing many recommendations to look for "spatlese" on the label, I bought a bottle of Wilhelm Bergmann Mosel-Saar-Ruwer 2000 Piesporter MIchelsberg. I am planning to open soon, but I have fun finding out everything I can about a wine. I have searched the internet far and wide, and cannot find a winery called Wilhelm Bergmann, or any real info.

Can someone guide me, please?


- hotwine - 02-03-2002

TK, I've enjoyed that one on numerous occasions over the years; have only one bottle on hand at present, a '92 purchased in '94 from Don's & Ben's in SA for $6.99 and long overlooked in a back corner of my old storm cellar. It's probably long dead. But you should find it characterized by melons and honeysuckle on both the nose and palate, with low alcohol (about 9%). Serve it well-chilled with mild European style cheeses, such as Gouda and Edam, as well as with chicken, fish or pork (chops or roast) prepared in very mild ways, without strong sauces. Expect to pay about $25 in a restaurant.

The wine is bottled and shipped by St. Eberhard Weinhandel Gmbh, a German company that appears to be a negociant. The name Wilhelm Bergmann may have historical significance, but is apparently not the name of a winery. Found a Wilhelm Bergmann mentioned as a Luthern missionary in the South Pacific 1920-1970 who kept extensive diaries of his experiences; maybe the wine has some connection to him or his family.

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- txkajun - 02-03-2002


Thanks so much hotwine. I paid less than 10 bucks for it at the HEB Marketplace. I know am very anxious to open this sucker up!!

- hotwine - 02-03-2002

Any time, TK.
$7.99 to $9.99 seems to be the price range, unless you're in a restaurant.

- txkajun - 02-12-2002


Today I opened this wine, and this is all I can say. I am reaffirming my newfound devotion to the Riesling, and I will absolutely buy more of this one!

I wanted something to take my mind of the fact that it is Mardi Gras and I am not home in Lafayette celebrating with my family.

This puppy is one awesome tasting beverage!

You guys have not steered me wrong yet. I am assuming some of the smoothness comes from being late harvest?

umm, umm......

Happy Mardi Gras, anyway.

- jadaar - 02-13-2002

I am new to this board and wines. I am in New Orleans (Mardi Gras just ended ...thank goodness), and wanted to know where to get the same wine here? In Save-A-Center?

- txkajun - 02-13-2002

Hi, welcome to the board. I am from Lafayette originally, and really don't know N.O., but I would suspect that any large grocery chain (like Delchamp's or Kroger) would carry it. I just came across it at the store. Also, if there is some type of good liquor store around. I know in Louisiana you can buy everything in the same grocery store from wild rice to wild turkey, so I figure you can find it ok. Might even try a Winn Dixie.

Good luck.

- jadaar - 02-14-2002

OK, Thanks, will try one tonight and let you know. Never been to Lafayette, but then again, I live in New Orleans, but I am from Pittsburgh, so it is still a major culture change to me.


RE: Wilhelm Bergmann Riesling - overseo9x - 09-27-2018

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