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- Brat Foster - 04-01-2008

As a vineyard lover I was recently given an bottle of foreign CUVEE DES MAURES 1970 Cotes de Provence rouge
Estate bottled French PRODUCE of France
imported by James B. Beam Import Corp New York-N.Y. Net Cont. 1 Pint 8 fluid Oz.
Alc. by vol. 11% to 13% shipped by F.Ravel Pierrefeu-France
I store it on a cool rack on it's side! I would love to learn about it's history/value! Please guide me appropriately Tongue

- wondersofwine - 04-01-2008

Welcome to the wine board. I can't tell you about its history but I have grave doubts as to value. Not all wines appreciate in value as they age. In fact about 90% or more are intended to drink within 2-3 years after bottling. I don't think Provence is noted for long-aging wines so this wine is probably past drinking by some decades. I'm sorry if this is unwelcome news.

- winoweenie - 04-01-2008

Unfortunatelt BF, WOW has pretty well described what the value of this bottle is. Seems the normal opinion of the non-wine drinking public that ALL old wines are valuable is an old wives tale. Unless it's a great wine from a great vintage, with impeccable provenance, the wine is worth the glass in the bottle. Sorry. WW