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- flyfishmaine - 11-17-2006

I have five bottles of Saint Emillion red bordeaux wine vintage 1969-1970. All of theese were stored in a wine cellar since new, how would I find out possible value (If any)? Thanks ,Mike everything on the label. as follows: from top to bottom.
contents 1 pint 8 fl red french alcohol 11% by volume table wine Saint-Emillion appellation saint-emilloin controlee (at an angle across the center of the label) Mise en bouteilles a bordeaux
At the bottom: bottled and shipped by Lenoard Kreusch Inc.Negociant A Bordeaux(Gironde) France.

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- brappy - 11-18-2006

who produces the wine?

Type in everything on the label. we'll go from there.


- Bucko - 11-18-2006

You can say goodbye to wines from 1969, which was a poor vintage year. 1970 was a pretty decent year, and IF the wines were stored impeccably, and from a top house, they MAY still be alive.

- JoanieD - 12-05-2006

Is there an online site somewhere that lists the values of old wines? We have a 1980 bottle of Beringer's Cabernet Sauvignon and the closest I have gotten to finding a value online is that a restaurant is selling a 1999 bottle of this for $190. Being that our wine is 19 years older than that, is it apt to be more value or will it have turned to vinegar? Thanks!


- winoweenie - 12-05-2006

Hi Joanie and welcome to the board. There's a sloght chance, IF the wine has had PRISTINE storaoge the wine may still be drinkable. Restaurant pricing and retail are as different as nite and day. Also people who buy older wines are reluctant to buy single bottles unless from a spectacular vintage and producer. Have some friends and open that sucker. Have a stand-by bottle. Good luck. WW

- JoanieD - 12-06-2006

Thanks, WW. I will be sure to come back here and tell you how it was. I am very curious. I never drank a 26 year old wine before.


- winoweenie - 12-16-2006

Have a spare bottle as standby just in case. Good Luck! WW