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- andrawes76 - 06-24-2010

Being in the wine business, nothing shocks me anymore. I am so amazed that release pricing is the highest ever on the third great vintage within 10 years... First traunch pricing at $450-550 euro with like a 5-10 percent release!

- winoweenie - 06-25-2010

Them Frenchies have very LARGE COPPER 'UNS. WW [img][/img]

- TheEngineer - 06-25-2010

Yeah,....I can't believe that they are still selling out the offers are $12k USD per case,... that is nuts.

I know that the elasticity of demand is going to be very steep though. There is a small amount of buyers that can and will afford this but once they go past this group, those prices are unsustainable. Again, remember in 2005 how you could get 2003 at 60% of release and the same thing happened for the 2005's. Yes I spent my fair share this time too but would have need mortgage size cash if I wanted first growths in the mix. No @#$@# way,....

Even things like Cos at $399......when I can still get '05's (abet a very different wine apparently) at $200,... this is crazy.

- winoweenie - 06-25-2010

They done lost the Weener. WW

- Kcwhippet - 06-25-2010

Never really had me after the mid 80's. I was content with second and lesser growths. My favorite was Pichon Lalande.

- winoweenie - 06-26-2010

90&95 was the last 1sts I went for en primier. Outsmarted medelf as I bought a bunch of 2000s and no 1sts. WW

- TheEngineer - 06-27-2010

Lafite at almost $2000 a bottle or $22k a case,......
WTHITWCT (What the hell is this world coming to,....)

Last bottle of Lafite I had was a '58 [img][/img],...I'm guessing I should've kept a few,....

- winoweenie - 06-27-2010

Just drank my last bottle of 3 cases of the 82. Paid a whopping 39 a clatter on 1st tranche. WW

- hotwine - 06-27-2010

Have no first growths on hand. My last Lafite was an '80 purchased in Wiesbaden in '85 - '86 for $46.... we drank it about 1990.... still great, in spite of crappy storage back then (bottom of the kitchen pantry).