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- Les - 04-23-2008

My first interest of course, is...are the wines I have drinkable and even worth opening? Or are they valued higher unopened, even though they may not be drinkable?

So...I have a Silver Oak 1986 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, a Cakebread Cellars 1990 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and a 1992 Cakebread Napa Valley Cabernet.

- wineguruchgo - 04-24-2008

Hello Les!

Welcome to the wineboard!

You have three really beautiful bottles of wine on your hands and I'm sure they are fine.

Drinkability? Go to and see reviews from others who have same wine/vintage and their tasting notes.

Price? I think might be able to help there...or google it.

What I would do? I'd drink those puppies!! If not now, eventually!

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- Les - 04-24-2008


Thanks for the reply! I did Google them and they are worth some coin. But like you say I think I'll drink them eventually.

We bought the Silver Oak on a trip to Napa in 1988, right after we got married. And we just hit our 20th I think the Silver Oak is appropriate for this occasion. I just wish I had bought a case instead of one bottle!


- winoweenie - 04-24-2008

Just one word of caution Les. I see you live in Houston so for these wines to have survived 20 years of the Houston summers I hope you have had them stored in a cool dark place or preferably in a 55*-60* environment. Otherwise it's a crap-shoot. Welcome to the board anyhoos. WW

- Les - 04-24-2008

That's and excellent point winoweenie. Fortunately, they've been stored in the back of a dark closet in an air conditioned house all these years. You are so right about Houston...the heat is brutal in the summers.

We'll see Friday night when we go out to dinner. Either we'll enjoy a fantastic bottle of Cabernet, or have plenty of vinegar for our salads! LOL!