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- sweetnessish - 10-01-2002

I'm new about certain wines, and their value. Does anyone have any knowledge of a 1982 Chateau LaLagune, Haute Medoc, a Grand Crus Classe? Please forgive my ignorance concerning this particular wine. I'm versed on the region, and the methode, however I am told that this was not bottled in 1982, yet I possess a bottle. If so, how much would the bottle be sold for in an open market, and why is it so difficult getting info?

- Kcwhippet - 10-01-2002

That wine is selling at various retailers at anywhere from $85 to $150. If you wanted to sell, it would go for much lower and it would be difficult to find a buyer for a single bottle.

- winoweenie - 10-01-2002

Hi Sweets and welcome to the board. I too am mystified by your inability to get info on this bottle. Went thru 3 cases of this absolutely delicious Haut Medoc 82. The bottle is currently selling in the 99-129 range. You wont have much luck selling single bottles so I suggest inviting my friend Pete Chick from Sound Floorcovering Distributors over and opening that hummer. WW
I forgot to answer your other question..No it wasn't bottled in 1982, that was the year the grapes were grown and crushed, then put in barrels till 1984 when it was then bottled. Vintage dates on wines are the year the grapes were grown.

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