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- tfox - 03-10-1999

does anyone know of any reputable wine purveyors on-line and/or have any suggestions, warnings, or experiances purchasing wine from the internet.

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- Bucko - 03-11-1999

I have purchased wine on more than one occasion from BLM, Wine Exchange and K&L without any problems whatsoever.


- Jerry D Mead - 03-11-1999

Right here at is an outfit called A Wine Store On The Internet...the proprietor is the chief steward at my wine competition...he's honest and won't steer you wrong...aside from the offerings he posts, he can get lots of other stuff by special request.

And a lot depends on where you live these days, as to whether any of them will even ship to you. If you live in KY, GA or a few other "redneck" shipping-is-felony states, you may not be able to get anyone to ship to you.


- Jackie - 03-11-1999

To get to Awinestore on the Internet type:

or by a link from
or by a link from