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- sellerRLT - 05-09-2000

Selling to the highest bidder...I have a bottle of Marchese Villadoria Barbaresco dry red wine (1pt. and 8 fl. oz) Vintage '69 wrapped in a burlap bag with a burlap cap and a red seal...I have a bottle of Chianti dry red wine (4/5) Vintage '59 in a bottle shaped like a bunch of grapes in straw basket...both wines are imported from Italy.

- Innkeeper - 05-09-2000

Nothing has changed since the last time you posted and deleated this. You said you were going to your father who owned them, and give him the bad news.

- sellerRLT - 05-09-2000

I didn't delete it...somehow it was removed. I will be leaving this post for a while to see who else replies, thank you.

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- mrdutton - 05-09-2000

Your original post was 05/03/00 and although the header information is still available when a search is conducted of messages posted by user "sellerRLT", the verbage does, indeed, seem to have disappeared.......

I and others answered your question. The wine is not worth much of anything.

I would suggest you try to drink it, if that does not work, dump it down the drain and save the bottles for floral arrangements.

- sellerRLT - 05-10-2000

Thanks again for your responses, but there is a whole world out there...I will leave my post for a while longer, thanks!

- mrdutton - 05-10-2000

You are missing the point, my friend.

"The WHOLE WORLD" out HERE already answered your query.

Leave your post as long as you wish, I don't think you'll get much more of an answer.

- sellerRLT - 05-11-2000

Thanks again and I will...

- winoweenie - 05-19-2000

MrDutton....Once again the wine-gods have leashed on us the speculator with 2 bottles of Italian Plonk. I`ll give 2 bucks for both and hope the bottles are pretty. Winoweenie

- sellerRLT - 05-19-2000

This is so much fun...keep em comin'

- winoweenie - 05-20-2000

And you sir are one of two egotistical idiot or one of our perverted brethren who`s pulling our collective legs. Either way, cap=it. Winoweenie

- winecollector - 05-20-2000

As a fellow resident in this wonderful state of the P.L.C.B., I feel obligated to advise you that if you resell those wines while you are in the state of PA, your breaking the law.

As a wine collector, I feel obligated to re-iterate what others have said- that the 59 Chianti is not likely any good at all. The history of Italian Chianti wines from the 1960's and prior is not a pretty one. This was one of the reasons the D.O.C and D.O.C.G. classifications came out. The mass producers of Italian wines in the 50's and 60's, were throwing just about anything they could find in a bottle, calling it "Chianti," and were dumping it in the U.S on unknowning Americans.

Though I'm not sure how good the 69' vintage was, the Barbaresco does have a "chance" of still being "drinkable." I have some Marchesi Barolo's from about 30 years ago, and they're holding up well. Even if your bottle is still good, it's not really worth very much- definitely under $100, and possibly still not more than $50.

By your continuing to ignore the many voices of experienced wine people on this sight, it has become obvious to all of us that your hoping to prey on an unsuspecting "sucker." Either your with the P.L.C.B. trying to entrap someone, a con man, or just a very foolish and hardheaded person. I don't trust you, and I doubt if anyone else here does either. With all do respect sir, your not going to do any good here. There are too many of us here that know our wines, and we won't hold back from exposing you to those that don't. Please take your two wines and go somewhere else with them, your becoming an annoyance and an embarrassment.

If, for some reason, you STILL think they are worth more than any of us unintelligent people do, then why don't you donate them to some charity, so that they can benefit from them and auction them? Either that, or just go ahead and drink them?

Speaking of my own preference, instead of this endless chatter over a couple of wines you're trying to sucker someone with, I'd much rather see you come around to the voices of reason, so that you may join us in more meaningful discussions on wine.

Unfortunately, you may have already damaged your reputation to the point that no one else here will share my opinion, and want you around.

- sellerRLT - 05-22-2000

I am an egotistical female idiot...thanks again for all the replies...