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- al - 08-05-1999


Not having much to do with wine, I feel that a bottle I brought back from Russia a few years ago is wasted on me. I'd like to know if it has any value to anyone, but I'm not sure if it is auction house caliber or lawn mower fuel . . . .I think it says Masandra ( althou it is spelled out in Russian and it looks something like "MACAHDPA" where the "D" looks like a box sitting on a little short legged table. It has the CCCP logo on the top left hand of the lable and the top label says its a 1961 year. The picture on the main label is of a distant hill, with water in the mid-range and green fields with a small shack with wood barrels in the foreground. Lots of other russian writing and characters. The bottle itself is green, but the wine looks like white - however - there appears to be some sediment. I got it from under an old tarp in the basement/cellar of the old smirnovs building on the outskirts of Moscow in the late 1980's. Can you give me some insights as to what this might be, and a value if any?