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- ida - 06-15-2010

which cheese goes the best with wine, what are the different o'de vou you can make with cheese as the main ingredent.

- Kcwhippet - 06-15-2010

What does "o'de vou" mean????? I don't believe I've ever heard that phrase before.

- wondersofwine - 06-16-2010

Are you referring to hors d'oeuvres? Wine and cheese pairings vary with the cheese. Stilton cheese goes nicely with Port, bleu cheese and Sauvignon Blanc can pair nicely, a medium-bodied red wine might go with hard cheeses such as Gouda, Cheddar or Asiago. Chevre goat cheese is a nice match with the Loire wines, a Sancerre Sauvignon Blanc for young chevre and a Savennieres Chenin Blanc for aged chevre. Cheese can be used in many appetizers such as cheese and nut balls, cheesespread on bread or toast triangles or coating a large pimiento-stuffed olive, in gougeres, cubes of cheddar or swiss cheese, etc. on toothpicks with cubes of ham, cheese sticks and more. Cream cheese is used in appetizers on toast with jam or on bread rounds with thinly sliced cucumbers and fresh dill. Cream cheese also pairs with smoked fish (a white wine would be best for this pairing such as Albarino or Sauvignon Blanc or Chablis.)

- althealee - 06-15-2012

Most red wines can be paired with any hard or semi hard cheese with milder flavor, while white wines should be paired with soft milk cheese with a strong flavor.Goat Cheese, Brie,Gouda, Gruyere are the most commonly paired with wine.
Malbec can also be paired with semi-hard milk cheese because of the wine’s acidity matches with the intensity of the cheese, a variety of cheese that is not salty or strong bridges perfectly with Malbec wine. Soft, Mild and Creamy cheese go really well Champagne. Cabernet Sauvignon,Chardonnay and Merlot wines taste good with rich and creamy cow's cheese.

Personally, I feel white wines paired with cheese are better than with red wines.

- Innkeeper - 06-15-2012

Hi Ida, and welcome to the Wine Board. You might look up either to buy or at a good library, the book "Great Tastes Made Simple (Extraordinary Food and Wine Pairing for Every Palate)" by Andrea Immer. It has a lengthy section on pairing wine with cheese. I use it all the time.

- Kcwhippet - 06-16-2012

IK, You got sucked into this by Althealee. The original post was from 2010. This is another one of those folks who come in on a many years old post for no logical reason. The original poster is most likely long gone.

- althealee - 06-16-2012

Hi Kcwhippet,

Maybe I am late posting my reply but however the intention was to help other viewers who are looking for answers to the same/ similar type of questions in future.

- Thomas - 06-16-2012


Not that I disagree with your overall wine and cheese observation (I do disagree with some of it)after many years first producing wine and then writing and teaching about wine and food, the one word I have learned to remove from the vocabulary is "should."

While there may be--and are--technical reasons for certain wines to pair with certain foods, and those of us who study and teach are inclined to make these technicalities known, in general, people 'should' pair wine and food as it pleases their palates and sensibilities, whether or not their desires can be technically replicated.

Also, each wine is unique, it having been touched by the hand of nature and of humans. That means that, while it may be accurate to make blanket statements regarding the characteristics of individual grape varieties, it is inaccurate to make blanket statements regarding the attributes of varietal wines as a unit--in other words, no two Malbec varietal wines are alike.