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- tw - 04-12-2005

Just curious how much wine people out there have cellared?

- glenora - 04-13-2005

Depending on time of year -- between 35,000 to 100,000 cases

- Kcwhippet - 04-13-2005

Cute, Gene, real cute. I sure hope tw isn't going to take that to mean your own personal cellar. BTW, ours is about 50 cases (600 bottles), and is nowhere near those of folks like the Weener.

- hotwine - 04-13-2005

I do believe Glenora is likely to take the prize for that answer.

I currently only have about 50 cases in the ground at present..... keep drinkin' it up too fast to build inventory.

- Innkeeper - 04-13-2005

We have three to four cases in short or long time aging, and the same amount in rotation.

- Georgie - 04-13-2005

I think I have two bottles downstairs at the moment!

- tw - 04-13-2005

I probably have about 5 cases currently.

- newsguy - 04-13-2005

i have about one case worth in my apartment and 12 cases in a rented wine locker.

- dananne - 04-13-2005

We have approximately 20 cases at present, with about half being stuff to cellar mid- to long-term, and the other half being the stuff were currently drinking. "Attrition" causes fluctuations, though.

- Bucko - 04-13-2005

I have a bottle or two laying around ... [img][/img]

- glenora - 04-13-2005

Forgot to mention--the cellar numbers took a slight dip last May when members of the wine board visited us.

WW was a major contributor to the reduction in the "Breakfast of Champions" cave--but he did share!!

- Cowboyin Blake - 04-14-2005

i have about 6 bottles..but its only because i havent had a chance to go to dinner at a byob in a while...

- tw - 04-14-2005

Is weener on vacation, I want to hear what he's got in storage.

- Georgie - 04-14-2005

He's still counting. Started on Tuesday.

- wineguruchgo - 04-14-2005

I have approx. 40 cases. Much of it is a bottle of this and a bottle of that because I'm in the business. No cases of anything.

- TheEngineer - 04-14-2005


I currently have up about 35 cases with a few more to come in the immediate future due to orders. Many of those case purchases were on wines that will not be ready for a number of years.

Based on consumption rate and the types of wine that I'm purchasing, I'm planning on somewhere between a cellar size of 800-1000 bottles which is much smaller than many on this site, but probably more than enough for me. I also will not be reaching this size for at least a few years. I plan on being about 500-600 bottles for the next year or so.

- californiagirl - 04-14-2005

I'm at about 5 cases. 6 if you include the ports and dessert wines. Add 3 bottles if you include the wine I forgot to send to KC!

- winoweenie - 04-14-2005

tw I'm here and have no intention of showing my lack of restarint by giving out numbers. I've been subjected to lots of conjecture on my cellar size but have but one thing to say. LOTS!. WW ( If you're ever in the valley you and any of the members of the board can make yourself comfy in the sucker.)

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- tw - 04-15-2005

WW you know that there are 9000 some registered users on this board. That would mean you have a cellar 30 times larger than my house. WOW!!! I think i might take a trip down there for no other reason than to see the vastness of such a place. I will possibly be moving to Cali on a job so you better be ready if I show up with a group to see how many we can pack in there.


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- jmcginley1 - 04-15-2005

I don't have much of a cellar yet, but I'd say I have a few cases worth, all drinkable now, racked in my basement.