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- peterpeter - 12-27-2009

if anyone knows of a great deal on the 95 or 96 vintage, Id love to try...

- TheEngineer - 12-28-2009


This would be best if you would approach a VERY reputable dealer of your city or visit an auction house. wines like these do not come around very often and generally are not sitting on a shelf waiting for purchase at every store (as you probably already know). I myself would not shell out the $$$$ that is needed for this one from just anyone.

- Thomas - 12-29-2009

That's interesting, peter. Didn't you know that you can find the wine being sold on your own vinfolio site?


- winoweenie - 12-29-2009

He's hoping to steal a bottle or so from one us idiots on the board. Hate it whenced a spammer is so derned blatant. WW

- Drew - 12-29-2009

My sense is that "Peter" has neither financial or affilitational interest in Vinfolio other than acquiring and flipping wines. That said, his spamming is not appreciated and I wonder how the management of Vinfolio would react knowing this person is spamming that business name with negative connotations?