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- snowful - 09-30-2006

Hi all,

A friend of mine has at least one bottle of this stuff that he is looking to sell, if there is a market.

He thought he would check before throwing it away.

It is 4/5ths of a pint bottle that has small nubs covering it's surface.

Drink Ripple Cold!


- winoweenie - 10-01-2006

The only value of this bottle would be the curiosity quotient. Tell him to post it on E-Bay. Stranger things have happened or as Barnum said..."There's one born every minuet."WW

- snowful - 10-02-2006

Hi WW,

Thanks, that is what I was thinking.

BTW, those old enough may remember some of Fred Sanford's favorite Ripple mixed drinks:

Beaujolais and Ripple = Beaujolipple
Champagne and Ripple = Champipple
Cream and Ripple = Cripple
Manischewitz and Ripple = Manischipple.
Mint julep and Ripple = Mintchipple


- Innkeeper - 10-02-2006

Welcome Snowful. Remember them well. Hick!!

- snowful - 10-04-2006

Well, I put the Ripple up on ebay. It drew quite a bit of attention before the auction was pulled; apparently, alcoholic beverages aren't allowed on ebay. Oops.

It was at $51.00 after only a day or so.

Now I am googling like crazy to find a buyer for this. Any ideas?