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- ShortWiner - 01-09-2003

[url=][/url] has been recommended to me as a good place to order from. However, the source of this recommendation is of uncertain trustworthiness. Anyone have experience with these guys?

- Innkeeper - 01-09-2003

Never heard of them. Maybe KC has some info.

- ShortWiner - 01-09-2003

Perhaps he does--they're based in Northampton, MA.

- Glass_A_Day - 01-09-2003

The best in New England. Ten minutes from my home. Huge selection. Decent pricing. Very knowledgeable staff. Vintage wines too.

- Bucko - 01-10-2003

Never heard of them either. Thanks, GAD.

- Glass_A_Day - 01-10-2003

They also have specialty foods. The best prime graded beef and a wonderful cheese department too. I can never get out of there without spending way too much money. Oh yes, their micro brew beer selection is out of this world as well.

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- Kcwhippet - 01-10-2003

They're OK. The head wine guy is Paul Prevost, who came over to them a few years ago from Yankee Spirits. He has an occasional propensity to be a bit pompous, though he is a really nice guy. His personal likes seem to tend toward higher end Bordeaux, Burgundy, Germans, Italians and Champagnes, and the shop carries a lot of his favorites. They also carry a lot of the Sutter Home, Glen Ellen and jug type stuff. It seems to me the stuff in the middle is lacking direction and is populated by the "usual suspects", but not much that excites me enough to go past the shops in my local area. I've been out a few times in the past four years or so. The first time in the shop I noticed all the worker bees had on dress shirts and ties. However, some of the younger guys don't really understand what that image entails because an unironed shirt with a unevenly tied tie just doesn't cut it, IMHO. Anyway, the first time there I asked if they carried any Tocai Friulano and was assured it would be in the next shipment. Same with Cab Franc, and a few others. I got the same story on every subsequent visit. Four years later - still not there. I wonder where that shipment's coming from. Anyway, they do have some decent stuff and the newsletter is a good read, but, Shortwiner, they don't offer any advantage to you over Pop's or Zachy's.

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- Glass_A_Day - 01-10-2003

Wow KC, that couldn't be farther from the experience I've had there along with most people I've spoken to over the years. Strange....

- ShortWiner - 01-10-2003

Well, thanks for the opinions, fellows. I often travel the Northampton area, so I'll check it our for myself one of these days.

- Kcwhippet - 01-10-2003

I may have sounded harsh, but I have my reasons. In the six times we've been there in the past five years (I was set straight by my wife) I've asked for certain types of wine, and they've never had it but assured me it would be in soon. Well, it's been five years and they still don't carry Tocai Friulano (I checked their web site to be sure). With the exception of Paul Prevost and one other (I forget his name), the little flunkies wandering around have had a bit of a condescending attitude. I've been drinking wines for longer than these kids have been alive. I've spent about seven years of my life involved in some aspect of the wine industry. I don't need some little wet-behind-the-ears toadie trying to tell me I'd be happier with a Vermentino than a TF. When I was looking for a Vin de Glaciere and an Amador Ice which they didn't carry, they tried to steer me to one of the multitude of Quadys on the shelf. The thing is, I don't need that kind of hassle because, besides the wine shop I work at, we frequently stop in at six other very fine wine shops in our area. With the exception of one clown at Martignetti's in Allston, everyone quickly gets the picture that I have some knowledge of wine (limited though it may be) and has made the effort to try and meet my requirements. We now know well at least one person at our favorite shops (generally the wine manager) and we get great service.

Conversely, the other side of the wall at Table & Vine is great.

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- Glass_A_Day - 01-11-2003

If anyone is looking for anything in perticular, do not use their web site to check stock. It is usually not current. You are better off calling and asking the wine room. Sorry to hear you had so many bad experiences there KC. Glad I didn't though!!!

- Innkeeper - 01-11-2003

Have greatly reduced my business with Pops for much the same reason. You order a mixed case, and box arrives with five bottles in it. Then a month or so later a couple more show up, etc, etc. The only on-line store that consistantly stays current is [url=][/url] Both Foodie and Roberto do not have on-line ordering for this very reason. You either have to call or e-mail them with your order, and get instant feedback.