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- stevebody - 01-26-2003

Two absolutelu great stores here in Seattle that have websites you can shop from:

For anything Spanish, you cannot beat The Spanish Table. GREAT selection of Spanish everything, from paella pans to Sherry to old bottles of Rioja.


Esquin Wine Merchants or People from all over the planet shop with these guys and their selection is immense.

- thewoodman - 01-27-2003

Second the recommendation for Spanish Table. I have ordered from them several times, and finally went to the Berkeley store the other day. Quite an interesting product selection and nice folks. A lot of Spanish wine you don't see everywhere else.

- Bucko - 01-28-2003

Lived in WA for 15 years and never heard of the Spanish Table. But then again, I think I have about 6 bottles of Spanish wine in the cellar.

Esquin is well known and often has great prices. I just got some Rhone from them the other day.