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- barnesy - 07-01-2001

My new wine shop has free tastings every saturday. I went yesterday and they were having a blind tasting of 5 wines. 1 white and 4 reds. You had to rank the first two and the last one. I was actually able to figure out the white was a lightly oaked chardonnay. Turned out to be a very nice St. Verain (not sure of the spelling). I was also able to figure out that one was a cab sav. I guess my tongue is getting smarter. The one that really stumped me was a cote du rhone they had. Tasted nothing like any of the cotes I have had recently.
I missed last weeks which was an Italian tasting due to work and the previous week was a german/austrian one that I wasn't in town for.


- Innkeeper - 07-02-2001

Two out of five aint too shabby young fella.

- winoweenie - 07-02-2001

The Price is RIGHT!. ww [img][/img]