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- Innkeeper - 10-27-2005

Just back from a three day, two night trip to Utica for Bev's semi-annual trip to a doc out there. With all the work going on at our house, we could not squeeze an extra day to sneak down to the Finger Lakes. When we got into the motel Tuesday night we called Gene at Glenora and asked him to recommended a wine store with a good selection of FL wines. After checking with one of his distributors he called back and gave us this recommendation.

Fabulous store with a vast selection of wines. Since I was fixated on FL Riesling I did not check out anything else closely. Very knowledgeable staff. We picked a mixed case of Rieslings including four from Glenora, two each from Herman Wiemer, Anthony Road, Wagner, and Treleaven. After deducting 10% for the case, and adding 9.5% for the State, the bill came to $150.66. All of the wine carried the Finger Lakes appellation. I wanted to get some from Heron Hill, but all they carried was a NY State appellation.

Bremmer's is located at 4684 Commercial Drive and can be reached at 315-768-6400.

On Tuesday night we ate at Lupino's Trackside Tavern in Utica. We had an excellent meal with a bottle of '01 Piccini Chianti Reserva. With dessert and tip the bill came to $78.29. Last night we went to Grimaldi's also in Utica. Had the whole works there too, but with three glasses of wine instead of the bottle. Bill came to $62.74. This place still reeks with ambiance. You can eat very well in wonderful surroundings in Utica for very little.

Today we stopped at the Oxbow Tavern in Sturbridge, MA where we have stopped before. We gave up on the Public House there a few years ago, as they have deteriorated greatly. Had a great meal of beef tips on rice with a nice local brown ale. A nice selection of red wine was on a shelf high above the bar in a room that was at least 75 degrees F. Still a nice restaurant that we would go back to.

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- Thomas - 10-27-2005

A good store indeed. Did you meet Bud?

- Kcwhippet - 10-28-2005

IK, Just read this morning in the local rag that the Oliver Wight Tavern in Sturbridge is closing. It's the one they just opened at the entrance of Old Sturbridge Village. Seems OSV built it 2001 as a repro of a 19th century tavern. Apparently never (as in not ever) turned a profit, so OSV trustees pulled the plug. BTW, where's the Oxbow Tavern in Sturbridge? We've been to the Oxhead Tavern near the Sturbridge Host Hotel.

- Innkeeper - 10-28-2005

I was in a rush Thomas, so I didn't take names. A very nice lady met me at the door and took me right over to the FL Rieslings, and then a very courteous man checked me out. That might have been Bud.

It was the Oxhead Tavern Bob, another case of fumble fingers.

- Innkeeper - 06-02-2009

Just back from a very brief trip to Utica. We left at 7:30 am Monday, and got back at 4:05 pm today (Tuesday).

Bev had a 2 pm appointment with her doctor. Afterward we took the two miles trip to Bremmer's. The majority of the Finger Lakes wines they now carry are the hybrids, fruit, very sweet, or house reds and whites from the FL producers. Some of our purchases were the last ones on the shelf. We picked up eight bottles totaling $124 including $10 for the gubitor. These included:

Two 2007 Herman Wiemer Semi-dry Riesling.
Two 2007 Glenora Riesling.
One 2007 Anthony Road Semi-dry Riesling.
One 2007 Heron Hill Semi-dry Riesling.
One 2006 Knapp Vignoles
One 2005 Prejean Marechal Foch

We were waited on by a young guy, so we haven't met Bud yet. It seems to us that Bremmer's is heading to something less than high end; at least in regard to FL wines.

Next we went to N.J Flihan's restaurant supply platz and pick up some goodies. Then we had a fabulous dinner at Grimaldi's. On the way home today we stopped again at the Oz Head Tavern in Sturbidge for another wonderful repast.

- Kcwhippet - 06-02-2009

Forgot to mention after your first post, but I've also had many a fine dinner at Grimaldi's. Almost thirty years ago, when I worked for GE in Waltham, MA, I had to support several sites in upstate NY, GE Utica among them. So, Grimaldi's used to be my favorite haunt in Utica way back then.