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- wondersofwine - 11-03-2004

2003 Baroja Seleccion (Rioja, Spain)--nice bargain wine (under $10) (Purchased one bottle)

2001 Rincon de Baroja Crianza (Rioja, Spain)--
a little more aging in wood? doesn't taste particularly oaky; in fact in seems light-bodied but pleasant--I purchased one bottle

2001 Michael Scott Sonoma County Zinfandel--
14.5% alcohol; unusual flavor, perhaps a bit of volatile acidity; decided to pass on purchasing but did not dislike

1999 Terre du Lion, St. Julien (grapes not selected for a Leoville wine) dark Bordeaux or mahagony color lightening at the rim, 13% alcohol; light body and a bit hollow in the mid-palate

2000 Terre du Lion, St. Julien
13% alcohol; more depth, more aromatic
This is one I pre-ordered a couple bottles and I'm glad I did; picked them up yesterday;
now must decide whether to order additional bottles

1999 Charles Andreas Three Hills, Margeret River region, Australia--Bordeaux-type blend;
14.1-16.5% alcohol (talk about a range!)
deep mahagony color; didn't sip enough to make notes but I did like and found it to drink smoothly. I had pre-ordered two bottles which I picked up yesterday. I will probably open one next week and report on it with more detail.

2001 Emeritus Cellar Cathedral Red Table Wine, Napa Valley, Califronia (Meritage or Bordeaux blend); 13.5% alcohol
This had been opened since Saturday and was still tasting good on Tuesday; salesman said it had lost a little fruit since opening so it must have been really impressive on Saturday. I bought one bottle and will report when I open it but I may save this for a time. Around $30
WW and Californiagirl, have you tried this?

I passed on tasting the Marquis-Philips Shiraz9 but after seeing Newsguy's notes, I wish I had tried it (maybe next Saturday it will be open again). As I was leaving the store one man was trying it and finding it "unusual."

- californiagirl - 11-03-2004

Haven't tried the Emeritus Cathedral, but I've had thier Cab. I'll look out for this. I liked the Cab ... trying to find my tasting notes

- winoweenie - 11-03-2004

No Reference from Moi. WW

- wondersofwine - 11-03-2004

I believe they have the Emeritus Cabernet Sauvignon for sale also so would be interested in your notes CG. Apparently production is quite limited on both wines.