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- jlarson - 07-31-2005

Has anyone ordered from Lakeside Wines - ? I emailed the guy and he responded quickly, but I don't order online much so was wondering if anyone else has dealt with them.


- jlarson - 08-12-2005

Well, I ordered a Summer Mist Cranberry Shiraz kit and some bottles. Very quick service and shipping. Will order from them again.

- Canadianfem - 09-08-2005

Here in Ottawa Ontario Canada we have the LCBO (Liquor Board of Ontario) and although our stores are run by the government we have a some really nice locations. There is one in downtown Ottawa with wonderful vintages in the basement, a cooking studio with cooking classes, a leather seated area with various music to listen to on headset. Quite lovely. They have an amazing free Food and Wine Magazine that comes out quarterly. So I can't complain...if they don't have something in store they will order it in for you.

Very nice site as well

Catherine [url=][/url]

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