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- Innkeeper - 01-27-2001

We went to Tobin James on our recent trip to the Central Coast because a couple of postings here had recommended it as a "fun" place. Well it certainly was, but we also found an incredible little winery. They produce an outstanding array of zinfandels for which the Paso Robles area is gaining a well justified reputation. Tobin also had a hand in developing Peachy Canyon's rep. In addition they produce a wood free chardonnay, a group of wonderful dessert wines including late harvest zins, and many other varietals and specialty wines including a very nice syrah. The best Central Coast Syrahs are found to the south in what I call the "Santas" (Barbara, Maria, and Ynez), but Paso is also making some respectable ones. Tobin James has a great one, and can be reached at 805-239-2204 or Fax at: 805-239-4471. Address: 8950 Union Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446. They do not have a net or e-mail representation at this time, but you can learn more about them at: .

The main reason for contacting them is their wine club. When we were there in December, they were boasting 2000 members! This was using up a lot of their small lots offerings, including their barbera. They claimed to have made arrangements to ship to all but five states; your guess which. They guarantee to ship six wines twice a year for $110.00 each shipment, including shipping and local taxes where applicable. In fact they usually ship eight plus a special gift. In the fall of 2000 they shipped: (prices are retail and/or at the tasting room) a 1998 Zinfandel Dusi Vineyard ($28.00), a 1998 Zinfandel French Camp Vineyard ($24.00), a 1998 Zinfandel Renegade ($16.00), a 1998 Cabernet Sauvignon Legacy ($15.00), a 1998 Barbera Amigo ($14.00), a 1998 Merlot Heavenly ($18.00), a 1999 Chardonnay James Gang Reserve ($22.00, with oak, free bonus bottle #1), a 1998 Late Harvest Muscat James Gang Reserve ($18.00, free bonus bottle #2), and an individually handmade trivet with individually unique art work. Don't know about you, but we're joining.

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- Innkeeper - 04-27-2001

Got the spring shipment from the James Gang. Very impressive.
1998 Paso Robles Cellars Zinfandel (their super zin). $32
1998 Estate Private Stash (Bordeaux like cab, cab franc, merlot blend). $35
1998 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve. $28
1998 Cabernet Franc. $18
1998 Merlot. $18
1998 Petite Sirah. $18
1999 Sauvignon Blanc. $12
1999 Late Harvest Zinfandel. $18 (375 ml)

Total value $179 for $118. Free shipping, and they threw in a nice set of coasters too. Another board member called yesterday and was able to sign up and get the whole spring shipment. If you call and they can't fill the whole thing (they said they had run out of cabernet franc) ask them to substitute their syrah. Love it.

- winoweenie - 04-27-2001

WC, Do you see what I see?? IK's buying the Loathsome Varietals " Cabernet and Merlot!" The James gang must have put their Colt 45's to his temple. WW ( Guess they don' make none of that Chard stuff.)

- Innkeeper - 04-27-2001

Actually, have been able to trade them for a couples of bottles of Canadian Eiswein.

- barnesy - 04-27-2001

I guess WW must be drinkin' more colt 45's....his typing is dern near normal. I am darn near tempted to call them up. That sounds like a good deal for some good hooch.


- Innkeeper - 04-27-2001

Shoot. Just got off the phone and the deal fell through. Guess I'm going to have to drink them suckers afterall. The son-of-a-gun was in the carpet business too! By-the-by they do make some of that chard stuff. Without any OAK in the regular bottling. There's some in the reserve. And Barnesy, the late harvest zin would go great with chocolate cake on Mother's Day.

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- barnesy - 04-27-2001

Well, My mother will probably not be able to consume any alcohol for a while. She goes in for surgury on Monday. I will be home for the weekend in the middle of may and she should be able to eat some good food then. So, I am going to make Tuscan stuffed beef roll, roasted potatoes, fresh italian bread and some other stuff. Probably go with some light fruit for dessert. I will serve a chianti with the beef though, for those of us who can drink it.

I am sure she will be happy to have me home and have a super nice meal cooked for her. Besides, I am saving my wine money up to buy some nice champagne when I get my new job.


- mrdutton - 04-27-2001

I signed up today! Told my wife she has to stay home for the next two weeks until the shipment arrives.

Tobin James said something about there having to be someone home to sign for the package. Adult signature required.

Piece of cake for us, no children live at this address!

Spring shipment here it comes!!!!!!

(I'm pressure washing my deck and the furniture tomorrow and will be cleaning up the grill and getting it fired up for the summer.) I'm all set!!

- winoweenie - 04-28-2001

Cleaning the grill, washing the deck and furniture? Mine hasn't had a rest. Use them suckers alla' time. WW

- Thomas - 04-28-2001

Did barnsey locate the Tuscan he wants to stuff into the beef roll?

Dutton, we had so much snow last winter in the Finger Lakes that the meltdown is cleaning the deck for me. But the smoker needs a little work, and now that my peach, pear, apple and grape pruning is done I have the wood chips I need for smoking the salmon, et al. Bring on the good weather!

- barnesy - 04-28-2001

I did. A nice Tuscan fellow named Guido Sarduchi, JR. got the job. His future looks quite promising.


- Innkeeper - 04-04-2002

The spring '02 shipment arrived today. It includes:

1999 Zinfandel, Commemorative, $38
1999 Zinfandel, James Gang Reserve, $28
1998 Paso Robles Cellars Merlot, $38
1999 Cabernet Franc, Desperado, $28
1999 Cabernet Sauvignon, Legend, $16
1999 Merlot, Made in the Shade, $18
2000 Chardonnay, Bien Nacido Vineyard, $25
2000 Late Harvest Merlot, James Gang Reserve, $18
Salt & pepper grinder with logo, $15

That adds up to a $224 value for $110 including shipping. They advise that membership is beginning to exceed production. They will be taking a few more memberships, and then setting up a, you guessed it, waiting list. Call at 805-239-2204 sooner than later.

- joeyz6 - 12-02-2002

IK, do you get a fall shipment too? How was it this year? Are they still taking members? I'm intrigued after reading this thread ...

- Innkeeper - 12-02-2002

The following was in the Fall '02 shipment from the James Gang:

2000 Zinfandel Dusi Vineyard $28
2000 Zinfandel French Camp Vineyard $28
1998 Zinfandel Renegade $20
1999 Cabernet Sauvignon James Gang Reserve $28
2000 Syrah Silver Reserve $28
2000 Petite Sirah Ranchita Canyon Vineyard $20
1999 Merlot Made in the Shade! $16
2001 Charisma Dessert Wine (Late Harvest Sangiovese, Zinfandel, and Sauvignon Blanc) $20 (500 ml)
Set of 6 Tobin James Sun Vine Charms $12

That's a $200 value for $110 including shipping. To determine if they can take more members contact Monica at and say that Carl Eppig recommended them. Don't know if they ship overseas.

- joeyz6 - 12-02-2002

Oh, I would just have them ship to my parents' place in Chicago, that's where my little wine collection is waiting for me anyway.

Thanks for the info!