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- Auburnwine - 03-11-2003

Suggestions on wine shopping in downtown Minneapolis? I'll be there for a meeting in April and will be in the downtown.

- quijote - 03-11-2003

I don't know much about Mpls, but I've heard of a shop (liquor/wine/cheese) called Surdyk's. From what I understand it won a "Best Wine Shop" recognition in the Mpls alternative weekly. Sorry I cannot be more helpful. (I think Surdyk's has a webpage, though.)

- Auburnwine - 03-11-2003

Thanks! I just looked up their web site.

I may have to do some shipping, with prices like that.

- Innkeeper - 03-13-2003

Don't know what date you are going to be there, but at [url=][/url] they are planning an "offline" there on April 4.

- Auburnwine - 03-13-2003

As good luck would have it, I shall arrive in that fair city on April 4.

As ill luck would have it, I cannot find a word about it at that address. Any further clues? I'll continue to look.

[I weep at how well IK takes such good care of us ... but I will not get near that electric corkscrew that I saw him brandish!]

- Innkeeper - 03-13-2003