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- Elaine - 06-14-2000

I am looking for a wine shop in Wayne Pennsylvannia to order some wine for delivery or pick up in Wayne Pennsylvannia. Do you have a location with an email address or phone number (with area code)?

- Innkeeper - 06-15-2000

Maybe Winecollector (from Pittsburgh) will come along with a definitive answer. Last time we were in good ole PA, the only place you could buy wine was in the state liquor stores. So your, contact point would be the Pennsylvania State Liquor Commission.

- hotwine - 06-15-2000

I searched on AltaVista's Yellow Pages, using the criteria Category = Wine, City = Wayne and State = PA, and called up a listing of 91 wine and liquor stores. (Many were in surrounding towns, and some of the "stores" were actually state licensing offices.) Those that fit your requirements included:

- The Beverage Store
218 E. Lancaster Ave.
Wayne, PA 19087-4101

- Strafford Beverage Co.
861 W. Lancaster Ave.
Wayne, PA 19087-2581

- Wayne Beverage Open Late
346 W. Lancaster Ave.
Wayne PA 19087-3925

None of those had an email address.

Some of the other locations listed might be more convenient for you than those in Wayne itself; your call.

Happy hunting.

Gil (aka "hotwine" due to a disadvantaged cellar)

- winecollector - 06-15-2000

There's an 800 number (1-800-332-7522) that you can use to order wine in the state of PA, and have it shipped to any store in the state for pick-up. Also, there are "specialty" & "superstores" the state has with larger selections of rarer and better quality wines & vintages that you will not find at their regular stores.

While you are in PA, you might want to check out some of our wineries. We have about 55 to 60 active wineries in the state at the present time, and most of their wines are not usually available though the state run stores. Let me know if your interested, and I'll e-mail you a list of the ones closest to where you will be staying. There are a lot of different grapes grown in PA and the northeast section of our country that you will not likely find anywhere else.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Pennsylvania, known as the "Pot-Hole Capital of the World!" Let me know if you need any other assistance.

- hotwine - 06-15-2000

Looks like Innkeeper and Winecollector broke the code: so that's why there are so many "licensing offices" (my term) listed in the Yellow Pages - they're actually state stores.

- winecollector - 06-16-2000

On my wife's past trips to Canada, she always brought me back some wine.

Elaine is coming to PA, and taking wine back to Canada. Kind of funny, don't you think?