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- hotwine - 02-11-2004

Noticed today they had:
- Renard-Barnier NV Champagne for $15.79
- 2002 Goats do Roam for $7.59
- 2000 Fiefs de Lagrange for $17.59 (still -
they've had a few bottles off and on for a while, but four cases were on hand today.)

None of these are available anywhere else in town, to my knowledge.

No telling what's available in anyone else's neck of the woods, but I've found it pays to check twice per week here.

- winoweenie - 02-12-2004

My favorite pusher in San Diego called me today with a new shipment of 2000s'. Ch. Labat @ 15, Ch. Les Trois Croix @ 18, Ch Citran @ 24 and Ch Barrabaque @ 24.All tremendous P/Q wines and the pricing is within peonies of Futures. Nath ordered boxes of all and 2 of the Labat. Think all scored in rhe 90s' in WS, BUT even more important John said they were ALL super drinking and would go from 10-20. WW

- Innkeeper - 02-12-2004

The Goats do Roam is going for the same price around here. The importer must be dumping it. Don't know why. Good stuff. Had some with lunch yesterday.

- hotwine - 02-12-2004

I picked up the Citran at Costco for $18.89 back in October, but haven't tried it yet.

- Georgie - 02-12-2004

Yum! I love those goats!

- winoweenie - 06-16-2010

Opened another Les Trois Croix for lunch yesterday. What a nice bottle and has really developed into a complex edition of a Fronsac gran vin. The 2000 vintage has really lived up to the hype. This hummer at under 18 bucks AFTER the futures offering is like stealing, only more fun. Went beautifully with herbed roast lamb and wilted spinich at a new BYOB. Good stuff. WW