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- barnesy - 11-26-2001

Needed some more Moscato d'Asti and didn't have to time swing some in Portland. I found this place in my parents Yellow Pages in Albany, Oregon.

Wine Depot and Deli.

Looks like they have over 100 bottles to choose from (small selection) but they have a wide variety of wines and all are very reasonably priced for a small town shop. They are in line with prices up in the city.

They have about 10 "Box" selections, anything in one of their wooden bins can be sampled and is available by the glass. Their glass prices are about $3-4 but its best to just buy the bottle since they are all under $10. Their box selections ranged from German qba Riesling to a Montepulciano to a Crozes-Hermitage to an unoaked Oregon Chard.

Next time I'm down there and have time, I'll stop in for some food and a bottle from their box selection. If the food quality matches the quality of the wine selection, this will be a top notch little hole in the wall.


- cpurvis - 11-27-2001

"unoaked Oregon Chard" tell! Name please.

Sounds like a great find B.


- barnesy - 11-27-2001

Lorane Valley is the label. Its King Estates's second label. They figured that instead of selling their extra grapes, they could make more money on a second label. The entire Lorane Valley line is non-oaked, stainless steel. I much prefer them to the the King Estate wines. They are also dirt cheap.

CP, drop me an Email. We may have to get together sometime and pop a cork or two.


- zenda2 - 11-27-2001

Another vote for Lorane Valley, what I've had is tasty wine at a great price. I get their Pinot Noir for $ that price it's one of my 'secret weapons' to convert white wine drinkers to the dark side.

"Use the Pinot Force, Luke"