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- Innkeeper - 11-29-2006

We didn't take a fall trip to Utica this year, and thus ran out of my Finger Lakes lode. Received a shipment we had ordered from Gene today. He very nicely put together a mixed case from Glenora and Knapp. We now have four Dry Riesling and five Riesling from Glenora, and two Finger Lakes Chardonnay, and one New York Merlot from Knapp. That did a lot to fill out the rotation; at least the white side.

- brappy - 11-29-2006

Let me know what you think about that merlot.


- winoweenie - 11-30-2006

Yeah IK post on that sucker. Maybe Gene got lucky [img][/img]. WW

- Thomas - 11-30-2006


I recently had that Merlot and I agree, quite a nice wine for the price.

- brappy - 12-01-2006

"for the price"??

This is a nice wine period. My tasting was potponed because of a flash-flood 2 weeks ago. I'm taking this to a tasting this weekend to see what happens. Pouring this into a pinot noir bottle just to make sure its completely blind. Can't wait... Hope the bottle isn't corked.. [img][/img]

IK, open that sucker up this weekend, Saturday; I'm curious as to your opinion.


- Innkeeper - 12-01-2006

It needs to rest (from shipping) a little longer than that Mark, but will open it soon.

- Thomas - 12-01-2006

Oops, you are correct Mark. I meant quite a bargain for such a nice wine. Should never post after the second glass...

- winoweenie - 12-01-2006

Lightweight! ww(giggle)

- brappy - 12-01-2006

2nd glass by 8:30.... I'm impressed... [img][/img]

- winoweenie - 12-02-2006

I was on my 4th Tequila Sunrise at that hour. [img][/img]WW

- brappy - 12-03-2006

Moving the convo. to New York wines......