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- closedforbusiness - 09-25-2006

The following are wines I have owned since 1978 when I was in the restaurant business. I am interested in selling them, but have no idea of their value --- if any. Can you help???
1953 Chateau de Pez
1957 Chateau Latour
19(58) Chateau Margaux (label off)
1962 Chateau Latour
1966 Rothschild
19(70) Grand Vin de Leoville (label off)
19(70) Beychevelle (lable off)
1970 Mouton Rothschild
1970 Chateau Langoa Barton – Saint Julien
1974 Chateau Margaux

- Kcwhippet - 09-25-2006

If they haven't been stored in a very wine friendly environment since release, chances are none are worth much, if anything. You can check auction prices at, or retail at However, any price you could sell them at would be closer to wholesale, so essentially divide by two any prices you find out there.

- closedforbusiness - 09-25-2006

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

The last time I tried any of the wines was probably 6 years ago. I honestly don't remember which it was --- it was certainly distinguishable, smooth, but turning.

I will look into your suggestions.

With respect and appreciation!!

- jasonconnors - 09-25-2006

I agree with Kcwhippet. If you did not store your wine properly to begin with then they aren't worth much. This means that your wine should have been kept in a dark room with a constant temperature. Have you done this? If not, then don't waste your time as you'll only make people mad at you.

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- closedforbusiness - 09-25-2006

Hi Jason,
My restaurant was in California and closed in 1979. The wine has moved with me 3 different times --- the numbers and types remaining slowly reducing over the years -- all but one I opened (that one had been seeping), well met my expectations.

Since moved from my restaurant, the bottles have been in the dark and at a constant cool temperature. I have friends who are interested in the wine --- we can work out an amicable agreement; one without the treat of anger due to misrepresentation. I don't drink any longer, otherwise I would have enjoyed these some years ago.

Thank you as well for your feedback and concern!!