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- St. Angelo - 01-17-2003

My father left me a "collectors" bottle of Camus Napoleon Cognac. It has a serial #347727 and the label in French on the back of the bottle states that this cognac is quaranteed to be over a 100 years old. The bottle has been on my dad's mantel for at least 25 years that I remember and was on my grandfather's mantel for at least another 15 to 25 years before that.

I live in Washington and no one seems to know anything about this Cognac and it's approximate I am taking it to the web. Your assistance and expertise would be greatly appreciated.

- winoweenie - 01-18-2003

Hi St. Angelo and welcome to the board. I'd be suspect of ANY potable left sitting on a mantle for over 50 years. Even tho Cognac is a liquor and not technically a wine, it still needs proper storage to go 100 years. Might still be good, but very iffy. WW