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- slicer_pred - 09-10-2002

I am after an estimated price for a Bottle of PENFOLDS GRANGE HERMITAGE.

Vintage 1976
Bottled 1977

25th Commemorative release

Thnx heaps

- winoweenie - 09-10-2002

Hi Slicer_Pred and welcome to the board. The only price I found was a range of 350-395 US. WW

- ausrob - 03-31-2009

I bought nee at auction in 2005 for AUD $550 but I believe the rough price would be closer to AUD $750 a bottle.

- TheEngineer - 03-31-2009

It would be worthwhile to look for an Australian database. Grange, while in high demand throughout the world, holds the highest prices at home.

In the US, this bottle is showing retail for around $650 AUS, whereas Cellarit in Australia shows a range more similar to the previous poster.

Having said that if you are trying to sell it, provenance (history for storage, etc) is critical.

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