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- n144mann - 01-29-2000

Ok guys....I am looking for some personal tasting notes on this wine. I brought some into the shop the other day because it looked like a fun wine. I am looking forward to trying it in the next week or so. So why do I want your opinions too?? Just to get a bigger picture of the reactions to this wine. While I trust my judgement, when selling to customers, it can helpful to have other tasting notes to back up my own.

Appreciate any help here.

- Bucko - 01-29-2000

Here is a note from Robin Garr on the 96:

Babcock 1996 Fathom Santa Barbara County Red Table Wine ($19.99)Inky dark ruby color, almost black. Good blackberry and vanilla aromas, fruit and oak, aromatic and intense. Big and full flavor, sweet oak and lush fruit; so rich that the fruit almost conceals significant tannins and lemony acidity. Far from subtle, but easy to quaff; a big blockbuster of a wine. Despite its "Right Bank" blend of 72 percent Cabernet Franc, 15 percent Cabernet Sauvignon and 13 percent Merlot, it stands much closer to Santa Barbara than Saint-Émilion.

Sounds like it might be a fun wine.


- n144mann - 01-30-2000

Hey thanks Bucko.