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- JHG - 06-21-2001

I'll be visiting Oregon in July and wondered if anyone can recommend particularly good producers to sample while I'm there or to take back home with me.


- cpurvis - 06-22-2001

JHG, I live in southern Oregon & can assure you that the "particularly good producers" don't. So, best to stick w/ Willamette Valley vintners. The following previous posts will answer your question in detail:

Enjoy your trip to & wines of this beautiful state!


- JHG - 06-23-2001

Thanks for the tips,CP. I'm looking forward to visiting.

- orbro - 06-29-2001

cp is correct in his recommandations for tasting in Oregon. I just retuned from a 4 day swing through the Willamette Valley Wine Country this past week-end with my brothers from Arizona and California and what a time we had. Went to 24 wineries and tasted 145 different liquids.
Depending on the time you have, some are only open on the week-ends. I might suggest that when you get into Oregon, you pick-up the "Vintage 2000" Oregon Winery Guide, usually found in a Chamber of Commerce visitor information booth. Also, pick up the "Oregon Wine Magazine", as they up-date their Winery Directory as to the hours of operations monthly. I found this most helpful as some of the hours in the "Vintage 2000" guide were not correct. Most open @ 11:00am so plan on afternoon tastings.
If you would like more information of some of the wineries, please feel free to e-mail me.


- barnesy - 06-29-2001

They also all close at 5 pm. So don't dilly dally around!


- orbro - 06-29-2001

Yep- - the only one that I have found that stays open longer was at Willamette Valley Vineyards, South of Salem. Of course it take you that long to drive up their steep driveway, what-da-ya-think !!