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- cpurvis - 06-25-2001

Weisinger's is a pop-to-son winery here in Ashland. Strong local following & sells out his products each year. However, I aim my usual s. Oregon complaints at their wines...should be doing much better things w/ the great grapes he's getting.

The Mescolare is described by the vintner as: "A delightful Italian style blend of Cabernet, Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo."

TNs: nose of briary fruit, spice, hint of smoke; red fruit flavors w/ good acidity & pleasant smoke; however, this wine just doesn't seem harmonious...the sum is less than the parts. Didn't work for me, & overpriced at $18.


- Botafogo - 06-25-2001

I don't think you could find such a blend ANYWHERE in Italy, even in Oltrepo Pavese so I guess it is about as "Italian Styled" as industrial "Italian Style" pseudo gelato at the supermarket.....

- cpurvis - 06-26-2001

As I've said Roberto, we've got decent grapes here, but certainly nothin' of significance re: vinification...talent, understanding, basic skills...nothin'. cp