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- Innkeeper - 05-11-2007

2004 Fincastle, Cabernet Sauvignon, Virginia ($14 at winery). Unfiltered. Alcohol level: 12%. We kind of stumbled on this place on our recent trip. Bev had to stretch her legs, and as we were about to pull into a rest area we saw their sign. It is in between Lexington and Roanoke, exactly 1 ½ miles off I-81 in the Shenandoah. It is run by David and Georgia Classey, both high tech refugees. We met her, and she showed us around including her lovely two room B&B that we may well stay at sometime in the future.

They offer three wines at this time, and had an additional one (Chardonnay) in the tank. In addition to this we tasted the Cab Franc and a white hybrid blend. We bought this one and the white.

This was without a doubt the most highly acidic Cab ever, and really more resembled a Sangiovese than a Cab. The fruit was abundant and black, and the low alcohol was most welcome. Not exactly one we would run out and buy anytime soon, but the visit is well worth while.