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- Rocky Balboa - 04-20-1999

Hi, I need someone to tell me where I can buy a Kosher wine. I guess this is a Jewish wine with no additives (that's what I've heard, I don't know if it's true). I know nothing about wine so anything anyone can tell me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Van The Man - 04-20-1999

Rocky -

A "Kosher" wine is a wine which meets Rabbi's standards, not necessarily one made without additives. Basically, it's meant to indicate that a Rabbi has overseen all of the activity going into producing the wine.

Kosher wines are widely available all around the world....or I should say, the world where wine drinking is part of life. The Muslems don't belive in any alcohol so Kosher wines would obviously not be available there.

There all Kosher wines available at all budgets as far as I know. There are the less expensive ones and then there are wines costing more with higher reputations. I belive the 5th Growth from Margaux, Château Prieuré - Lichine is a Kosher wine. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.)

In any case, the best advise I can give to you is to get comfy with a good retailer and let them know what you'd like to buy. They should be able to help you find the Kosher wines you want at all quality and prive levels.


- Van The Man - 04-20-1999

Oops! I made a mistake, Château Prieuré - Lichine is a 4th Growth, not a 5th Growth.


- Thomas - 04-21-1999

Van the Man,

Just to set the record somewhat straight, re Muslims and alcohol: The Koran does not forbid alcohol, its use is discouraged, and in one statement wine is promised in paradise to Muslims who live the pious life on earth -- "milk and honey...and wine..." Afterall, it was the Spanish Moors who refined the already-known process of brandy distillation, and the word alcohol has Arabic roots.

State governments ban alcohol.

- Van The Man - 04-21-1999

Thanks for the correction Foodie!

Duely noted. ;-)

- Rocky Balboa - 04-21-1999

Thank you everyone for the information. I guess I don't really need a kosher wine, just one that doesn't have any preservatives (all natural); if there is such a wine. Where would I get it and what would the name of it be??

- Cata - 04-26-1999

Hi! I think you can purchase the kosher wine at the liquor store. I haven't bought one but will look for it this week. I have no idea what the name of it... my friend told me to look for "M..." on the kosher wine label which is for the Lord's Supper. You can ask the seller at the counter to help you out.