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- Van The Man - 04-28-1999

1994 Hermann J. Wiemer Chardonnay Reserve; Finger Lakes - $18.00

Brassy, lemony color. Immediately enticing and complex nose and palate with bright, crisp Granny Smith apple, ripe pear, beech, mineral and honey. On the palate all of that along with citrus up front finishes with a touch of caramel. DeeDee gets a touch of freshly mown grass and it was hard to argue with that. Excellent structure and deftly balanced which should provide plenty of life. A tremendous wine both alone and with our dinner that was steamed scrod, Great Northern beans and collard greens. An awesome bottle of wine.

- Van The Man - 04-28-1999


This wine was indeed a 1995.

- Bucko - 04-28-1999

Scrod?? I'll send you a couple of bucks - get some fresh halibut. [img][/img]

Sounds like the kind of Chard that is food friendly, i.e., not oaked to death and flabby.


- Van The Man - 04-28-1999

Bucko -

We can get halibut out here too....and it's not too much more than scrod at like $6/lb. But I have to admit, I actually like scrod better! <g>

- Thomas - 04-28-1999


Most Finger Lakes Chardonnay are food friendly -- steely acids and apple fruit.

You can find ones to emulate those big melons in oak from California, or the cheese-y ML of Burgundy, but it is the crisp (old Chablis-style) Finger Lakes Chardonnay that shines. The acidity is also why this is a sparkling wine regional gem.

- Jerry D Mead - 04-28-1999 that the "past tense" fish?


- Van The Man - 04-29-1999

What's everyone got against scrod? <g>

Heck, I guess I'd shock everyone into next year if I said I liked it almost as much as lobster, huh? <gg>

- Thomas - 04-29-1999

I stayed out of this far too long -- scrod and lobster are taboo at my table (sorry Van the Man); give me soft shell crab (from Maryland only) or give me death!

- n144mann - 04-29-1999

Well, I gotta respond to the lobster comment foodie!! what is wrong with lobster?? Personally love it when it is fresh! Ever go down to the Florida Keys on sport lobster weekend and catch dinner for yourself?? (Need to watch out for those really large crabs however....they are deadly! ) [img][/img] Loads of fun and GREAT eating!!! As for the soft shell crab, that IS good! (I lived in Maryland for a while, and miss some of those things)

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