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- JohnG - 06-03-2003

I find myself in Charlottesville for the week, and am wondering if anyone could recommend a local wine or two to bring back home.


- Innkeeper - 06-03-2003

Horton Vinyards, Norton & Viognier.

- Thomas - 06-03-2003

Barboursville makes a few good wines too.

- Kcwhippet - 06-03-2003

They'll be hard to find, but try to look up some wines from Michael Shaps. They're getting a lot of press lately (locally in VA, and recently in the Speculator) and if his production ever goes up, he may even get some national attention. We knew him when he was first starting out here in MA. We're glad he left for better wine country, but we miss him.

- wondersofwine - 06-03-2003

Second both suggestions (Horton and Barboursville--lack experience with the third suggestion). Why not spend an evening at Tastings (Restaurant and Wine Bar and Wine shop) in historic section of Charlottesville. They carry some local Virginia wines and you might be able to taste before purchasing. When I was there some months ago, the sales people and wait staff were quite knowledgeable about wines.

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- JohnG - 06-09-2003

Thanks very much for the tips. I was able to try a few different things while I was there, including a very good pinot noir and my first cabernet franc, both from Barboursville. This was my first foray into Virgnia wines, and I was impressed. Now that the state legislature has changed the law regarding how much wine can be "exported" from Virginia, I bet we'll be seeing more of it around.