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- Thraz - 12-04-2008

Because I have to, once a year. 12%, $9 at Costco.

Pretty good this year, fresh and no bitterness. Very light of course, but in the right mood (and wish fish in a tomato/spinach sauce), very enjoyable - provided you set yourself in the right mood and expectation. If you have to have it every so often just because of the fuss, or just curious, then this year's offering is not a bad place to start.

- Daveyjones1 - 12-04-2008

I wish more people had that mindset. I think its a great way to unwind during this time of year. When its really good it can be an indication of what the years burgs should somewhat be like.

D. Jones

- TheEngineer - 12-05-2008

they are aready out?? ACK...It's DECEMBER???? What the @#@#$....... k, I'm gonna be needing one one bottle per annum.

- mrdutton - 12-14-2008

Frankly I don't think the King of Beaujolais put out much of a wine this year. I rather thought it tasted like some kind of sweet, fruity koolaid.

I had the right mind-set when I bought it, but lost it right after the first sip. Glad I only bought one bottle of Duboeuf's Nouveau 2008.

And those familiar with some of my previous posts will know that I am a great fan of Beaujolais!

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