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- wondersofwine - 03-31-2010

Imported by Country Vintner, Oilville, VA. Labeled as 13% abv. (2007 Gold Medal at Concours des Grandes Vins de France, Macon)
Exhibits viscosity. Delicate, somewhat elusive nose that combines dark berries with violets. Light-bodied with refreshingly bright berry fruit. Perhaps raspberry comes closest to describing the flavor. Acid in balance with other components. IMO this tastest freshest and best the first night opened. I paired it with baked chicken one night and with deli thinly-sliced smoked turkey breast and mushroom bisque another night. Would buy again. I didn't realize I had already posted on this one.
Interesting that I got cherries back in November and raspberry this time and that it held up better the second and third night in November.

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