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- mrdutton - 03-25-2000

1998 Morgon, Jean Descombes, Georges Duboeuf.

I just popped open a bottle this evening having received some today.

Brilliant, ruby-red color with clarity good enough to read through. Pleasant to the nose, the fruit is immediately obvious, even at 13% alcohol. Sweet on the tip of the tongue, crisp and dry in the rest of the mouth. Berry-like fruit with a strong suggestion of strawberry and cherry. The wine finishes with a hint of spice.

This is one of the best beaujolais I've tried in a long time and I ain't tried nothin' yet.

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- hotwine - 03-25-2000

Glad to hear that one is now available. The '97 was also outstanding (I have one lonely bottle left.) Suggest you also look for Duboeuf's Moulin-A-Vent; IMO it seems to age the best, although none of the cru Beaujolais can be successfully cellared beyond a couple of years after release. At least, not in my experience.
It's a relief to hear that the Morgon has arrived in CONUS. I had heard rumors of a truckers' strike in France that was delaying the transport of the '98 crus to the ports. I'll now resume browbeating the local retailers to get with the program, and find us those crus!

- mrdutton - 03-25-2000

I bought a mixed case of cru beaujolais - it was all produced by Georges Duboeuf.

I got a couple bottles each of 1998 Moulin-a-Vent and a couple 1998 Morgon. The rest was 1997 vintage from as many different villages as I could find.

I ended up getting wine from 5 of the 10 different villages.

- Bucko - 03-25-2000

I always thought that Beaujolais was drek, until I drank a Morgon at a wine party. It was about 8 years old and surprisingly good. I changed my opinion that night.


- hotwine - 03-25-2000

Eight years old!? That's amazing; I wouldn't have thought it would hold up nearly that long. One of our favorites is Duboeuf's Chiroubles; we had the last of our '97's a couple of weeks ago, with a dish called boeuf beaujolaise. (Yup, we're still gnawing on that same Charolais steer.) Used a small amount of the wine (1/4 cup)in making the creamed sauce, and drank the remainder with dinner. It was definitely past its peak, having developed a slight bitterness fairly recently. The Chiroubles is probably the shortest-lived of the 10 crus, yet one of the most delightful when young. I'm anxious to obtain our first case of the '98. Of course, we're also awaiting the Morgon, Chenas, Regnie, Moulin-A-Vent..... We love'em all!

- Bucko - 03-26-2000

I had no hope for it either -- it fooled me. Every year a friend of ours hosts a wonderful "Orphan Party." Everyone brings a cellar orphan, plus he has 30-40 orphans, caters the whole thing. It is great fun, with wines ranging from 1966 Inglenook Charbono to 1973 Latour, and everything in-between. It is amazing to try some of these oldies and see them hanging on well beyond expectations.


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- Jason - 03-26-2000

The Descombes Morgon is great wine. Not only single cru , but single grower since his grapes are so special. I love pulling this wine out for people who say they don't like
gamay, and then watching them do a 180.
The cru wines can hold up. Legend has it that Dubeof himself like serving really old examples at meals and most all think they burgundies.

- hotwine - 03-26-2000

That's a great idea for a party. A friend of ours hosts an annual "freezer clean-out" party, in which we all contribute old beef, pork and venison and throw it into a large BBQ pit. Same idea.
I'll have to try holding on to some of the '97 Duboeufs a bit longer. Saw some Morgon, Fleurie, Moulin-A-Vent and Chenas when I was adding insulation yesterday. Thought at the time it would be good to finish 'em off to make room for the '98's, but maybe not.
(Shucks. And here I was already looking forward to doing my duty and finishing them off.)

- Thomas - 03-27-2000

Eight years old! I have had some Chenas, Morgon, et al that were beyond ten years old. The wines are surprisingly wonderful.

- hotwine - 05-11-2000

Finally, I've found the 1998 Jean Descombes Morgon from Georges Duboeuf at a wine shop in Texas: Spec's in Houston has it, and also promises to have the Chiroubles within a few days. Mrs. Hotwine has graciously agreed to make a courier run over there next weekend to retrieve a case of each while visiting her sister. Mercy! Six weeks after Mrdutton posted his initial comments on it, it finally shows up in Texas.

- mrdutton - 05-11-2000

Well that was mighty fast, back in the days of the Pony Express....................

My brother is coming to visit for Memorial day weekend, so I'll be ordering a case from the local merchant.

That way we'll be able to sit smartly on the deck behind the house, sipping on chilled Morgon and just enjoying life as it breezes by..........

You are welcome to join us. You must provide lodging for yourselves, breakfast and lunch.

I'll do the the dinner............ lots of hamburgers, sirloins and filets mignon.

- hotwine - 05-11-2000

That's mighty kind, but we'll be visiting the ranch that weekend, and taking in the wine festival at Rockport. But thanks.

- Innkeeper - 05-12-2000

Just received two of the 1998 jean Descombes Morgon in the same order from Pops that brought the two Sobon Estates (see Rhone). Will try after the obligitory (to all but Dutton) ten day rest.

- hotwine - 05-22-2000

Finally, they are here! The Morgon & Chiroubles arrived safely last night by courier (wife) from Houston, and are now resting comfortably in their new home underground. (They are STILL not available in the San Antonio area!)

- winoweenie - 05-27-2000

Innkeeper is the Pops you refer to Pops wines outside of New York? I used to order lots of stuff and such from them before the feds got nasty. Also Hotwine, do you agree with MrD on his cooking times? With your superior supplier of beef, you probably don`t cremate them as he does. Just Spoofin MrD. Give us a rundown on the Brouilily. By the way the Greg Norman Cab/Merlot 98 has arrived here. It seems to have more structure than the 97 and looks to be a keeper. Winoweenie

- winoweenie - 05-27-2000

And Oh Yeah Bucko, we`ve started doing the orphan wine thing.I`ve organized a group of my drinking buddies into a loose-knit club called the BAWDIES. ( Bad-Assed Winos Drinking Irrevent Enophile(sic) Shit. WE meet at our favorite wine shop-wine bar about once a month or whenever I find enough orphans to call a quorum. We`ve laid a lot of old-wives tales to rest. (ie. Zins Don`t Age ) A 1979 Lytton Springs rolled every-ones socks up and down. It`s plausible that many of the Cru`s should age. The oldest I personally tried was a 78 Guigal Morgon , that according to my notes was spectarular in 80. I probably have been drinking these wines too early. I`ll put some of the new releases down and see. Winoweenie

- Innkeeper - 05-27-2000

It's the same Pops Winoweenie. They are at , and will ship anywhere. We will join BAWDIES if you join WITHSTAND in return.

- winoweenie - 05-27-2000

Innkeeper, Don`t I remember somewhere that Withstand members don`t beleive in Cabs, Zins, Pinots, and all other assorted Reds? I can`t picture meeself opening one of those sissy whites with a big cut that angus filet grown down yonder in Texas. Winoweenie

- Innkeeper - 05-27-2000

Winoweenie, go back to Dogwalkers post on Rants and Raves to get the true skinny on WITHSTAND.

- hotwine - 05-27-2000

Afraid I don't measure everything on my burgers as precisely as MrD. They're done when I say they're done. The beef is cross-bred hereford & charolais, ground so lean that a raw egg must be mixed with the meat or it won't adhere enough to form patties. The seasoning is our universal dry rub: equal measures of black pepper, white pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Lowry's Seasoned Salt and paprika. Patties are grilled over an oak fire. The wine this year will probably be either a Cru Beaujolais or Rhone; haven't decided yet.
Just returned this evening from the ranch; stopped by the church cemetary and paid our respects to family members resting there, including both of wife's parents; father-in-law was a veteran of Patton's campaigns, and lost his brother there. Someone had already placed little flags at the feet of those who had served. Lots of those little flags in that little cemetary.