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- homebythesea - 02-15-1999

I recently found a bottle of 1984 Bandiera White Zinfandel in my basement. What are the chances that it is still good and what is its value?

- Jerry D Mead - 02-16-1999

There are two chances that your 15 year old White Zinfandel is still palatable...and slim left town. (That's an attempt a humor...two chances, slim and none?)

White Zins are meant to be consumed within the year of their production, though they might still retain some fruit and be tasty for an additional year or two.

It's commercial value is zero, though it might be fun to put on display in a wine rack as a humorous conversation piece.

The Curmudgeon

- Jason - 02-16-1999

Too bad you don't have an unopened case and proper provenance. That's where the real money in white zin secondary market is.
Curmudgeon - could not find much info in the auction index for this genre. Any ideas?

- Jerry D Mead - 02-16-1999

Jason...There's no humor like subtle humor...thanks for tugging on my leg.


- Jason - 02-16-1999

I later kicked myself for merely writing what everyone else was thinking. Tempatation got the best of me. I think you offering your sound advice for all is a good thing.
In all seriousness, I think its great that wine minds like yourself inhabit these type of things.We welcome your input.

- Jerry D Mead - 02-17-1999

I try never to forget that my first wine of choice was something called "Dry Sauterne," a semi-generic from Wente that is no longer fashionable (we're talking 35-40 years ago) before graduating to California chablis (then made from Chenin Blanc)...or that one of my favorite early wine discoveries was Lambrusco, albeit a somewhat more serious beverage than it is today.

Gerald Asher once said that if he had to guess the most popular wine of some day far in the future, that " will probably be pink, slightly fizzy and have considerable sweetness..."

Big, tannic red wines are an acquired taste...anyone can like a tasty pink wine.


- Jason - 02-17-1999

Not only that but White Zin saved the grape from extinction. Zin lovers owe a debt to it.