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- wondersofwine - 06-24-2010

Tuesday night I opened this wine which proved very refreshing on one of our many 90+F. days in June. From Pinot Noir grapes, listed as 13% alcohol, natural cork. $23.99 plus tax at The Wine Merchant, Raleigh.
Peter Weygandt Selection. Imported by Weygandt-Metzler, Unionville, PA.
Pale pink color. the palest rose' wine I've had this month. The Pinosity, however, comes through on this one. A touch tart, but attractively so. Strawberries on the nose and palate. I would like to try with a spinach, strawberry, and pecan salad which is a great summer salad. It would also be a good match to chicken or turkey--perhaps chicken salad or turkey sandwiches on a picnic or an al fresco lunch. It could also serve as an aperitif before dinner.
I liked it better than the Schug Pinot Noir Rose' and ordered two more bottles for later this summer. I didn't find it to be deep or serious but eminently quaffable (some cellar tracker notes do describe it as having some depth and complexity--maybe with an additional year--but I enjoy it now.)

- wondersofwine - 09-03-2010

I opened another of these this week. Got lively, vibrant unripe strawberry nose and strawberry and pomegranate on the tastebuds. Very refreshing. Plenty of acid to give it lift.