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- TheEngineer - 01-31-2008

Got back to the hotel tonight, one of my favourites, Fairmont Vancouver Waterfront. Good staff.

Had this chilling in the is the first time that I've finished an entire bottle in under 10 minutes...most likely much less.....I was thirsty.

Very quenchable. Like a beaujoulais neauvous. Nice coolaidy strawberry nose and slightly off-dry. Almost wine cooler but not that far over. Tasted to me like a cooler climate chardonnay mixed with a dash of Pinot Noir. I was mostly right, there apparently is some Semillon too. Spent some time with the small staff at the winery who told us of the mix.

Easy drinking for summer but very little much else in terms of complexity. Only problem is the price at $14.99, when it should be much closer in quality to $6 region.

- Kcwhippet - 01-31-2008

Ten minutes?!?!?! That has to beat whatever WW's record is!!

- Innkeeper - 01-31-2008

And I thought I swallow a bottle of beer fast! Yikes!!!

- TheEngineer - 02-01-2008

And the wines was at 13%...not ome sissy 9% thing [img][/img]