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- Innkeeper - 07-18-2008

2006 Marqués de Cáceres, Rioja, Rosado (Approx $10 Whole Foods). Alcohol level: 13.5%. This is one of two that we picked up on a recent trip to Maine.

It gives you strawberries, raspberries, and even some orange and pineapple on the nose and upfront. There is more concentrated fruit and a little Rioja dirt in the middle and it gives a respectable finish.

We matched it with grilled salmon fillet, crème peas, and salad with raspberry/hazelnut vinaigrette.

- dananne - 07-18-2008

If you liked this (as we did, too), try the rose from Bodegas Muga. It runs around $10, but is even tastier than this. Excellent in the summer, and would pair wonderfully with a dish like you describe above.