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- TheEngineer - 07-20-2008

A rose left over from last year.

Certainly not a cheap bottle either.

Light salmon in color. Nose was rather muted, not as fresh as I would expect, then again I should have consumed this last year. Nose was more of a light melon, reserved, hint of herbs. On palate, a bit hollow, light fruitiness, nice acidity hints of herbs and a touch bitter at the finish. Nice bottle but I guess would have been better last year.

- winoweenie - 07-21-2008

Just last week I noticed the retail on this Spanish wanna-be red and was shocked. Last time I bought a bottle it was in the teens. They must believe their own press clippings. WW

- TheEngineer - 07-21-2008

Uh huh ! I agree. I paid $40 in Canada but noted that in the US it was only about 15% below that price. (around $35).

That's a lot for a rose IMHO. Of course now you have $100 roses from Lichine..... Nothing against that but there are plenty of good roses at$10.

- Innkeeper - 07-21-2008

Yeah; see below!

- TheEngineer - 07-21-2008


I did... that's what made me pop that one. [img][/img] I have only one more rose left in the house and it's a Tavel. Should open it soon.