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- Botafogo - 01-03-1999

I was just adked by Josmu (a restrateur and musician from NJ who should show up here shortly as "Frico") what to serve with Tuna Tartar. The wine I advised would also be my no brainer, everyone will like it and it's cheap first choice for ALMOST ANY OTHER DISH:

Illuminati Campiroso Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo, a deeply colored, spicy flavored, bone dry rose made out of Montepulciano and widely available for less than $10. If I could only have one wine in my house, this would be it and I am not kidding.

If you're so politically correct why are you such a pink-a-phobe, Roberto

- EPICURUS - 01-07-1999

"widely available" at a certain wine store in Santa Monica, but widely available in most communities...?

- Botafogo - 01-07-1999

Epi, I just called the Importer (Tricana Imports) and they say the wine is available in 28 states covering 75% of the population of the nation.And it is most certainly available in San Francisco.

Ask and you shall recieve, Roberto