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- Innkeeper - 09-18-2001

1998 Chateau Lastours, Gaillac ($9.00 Is-Wine). Very nice medium bodied (12%) red from the South of France near Toulouse. Nice aroma of plums (yes plums) and spice on the nose and upfront tastes. Lovely earthy complxity and silky smooth tannin across the palate, and perfectly acceptable finish, with no bells and whistles. Married nicely with simply grillpanned smoked pork chops and eggplant salad. Have more, will get more.

- Innkeeper - 11-17-2001

After laboring hours to make fish chowder for the church bazaar today, quickly grilled some country French sausages last night and popped the second Gaillac with it. Really hit the spot. Mother and me both thoroughly enjoyed it. Plan to get to Foodie's first anniversary party, and will be looking for more Gaillac.

- Thomas - 11-19-2001

That wine is so popular at the shop we are now into the 2000 vintage, and it is just as good.