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- AxisOfBeagles - 04-30-2008

What a pleasant surprise.

Was browsing the 'singles' bin in the cellar, looking for something simple to accompany a stroganoff dinner. Came across this remnant from a June '06 purchase of a number of Gigondas producers. At the time we bought it, this was our least favorite of a number of Gigondas wines tasted and purchased during a visit to the village. We bought two of these - one was poured pretty quickly - and was unremarkable. The other has spent the better part of the last two years gathering dust.

But time has worked it's magic. The nose is fragrant reminiscent of a really good Zin from Ridge. The telltale garrigue has mellowed into a pleasant spice, with undertones of red fruits and smoke.

The palate is soft and supple, with a warm medium finish.

All but impossible to find now - Wine Searcher shows one vendor in NY with some inventory at a price of $21. At the time of purchase, accounting for the then-current exchange, this was a $12 bottle of wine. And a great value at that price.